How to Stay Safe in School During a Pandemic

By: Isaiah Lavalley

Social distancing can be hard to practice while roaming the crowded halls of in person highschool. That’s why you should follow CDC guidelines and procedures, to protect yourself and others around you. To hopefully reduce your chances of contracting COVID-19 and its other rising variants, safety information is listed below.

While pulling your mask down to take a needed breath may seem tempting, you should always keep your mask on while near surrounding classmates. If you truly need to take a quick breath, ask your teacher to step outside the classroom. You’ll be able to refresh yourself before you step back into the classroom; of course, with your mask on properly.

Always wash and sanitize your hands on a regular basis, especially after touching any objects or surfaces that others may have previously touched. Even though schools are returning to full capacity, you should continue to practice social distancing. If you see a really crowded space with lots of students, try to avoid passing through it by taking a different route. 

The whole world has experienced this drastic change to our daily lives. While we’re still trying to beat this virus and its other variants, it’s important we all do our part, and take the necessary steps to avoid catching these viruses.

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