How were students’ first week back in school at Benicia High?

By: Stephen Ransom

Benicia High Named A Top U.S. High School: U.S. News | Benicia, CA Patch

On August 17, 2021 Students returned to campus at full capacity for the 2021-2022 school year for the first time in 17 months. A few students were interviewed to see how their first week back was. 

After speaking with Shane Lew (12) and asked him “Did you prefer being in school rather than online at home?” Lew responded, “I like being at school and being able to be with friends all day and not stuck in the house.” Then asked Lew, “How do you feel the school year is going to go?” He responded, “It’s going to be the best school year because now we’re seniors and we’re gonna turn up.”

Next up was Ejay Rogers (11) on his expectations for this upcoming school year. Rogers replied, “I don’t know, but I know I gotta go to school everyday.” The next question Rogers was asked was,  “What’s going to be the best part of the school year.” He responded, “It’s going to be basketball season because this is gonna be the best team and we’re gonna try and win a ring.” 

After wondering what high school is like for the newcomers attending Benicia High, LT Finn (9), answered a few questions about his first week of high school and how he expects his next 4 years to play out. Finn went on to say, “I just hope I get a full graduation my senior year.” Meaning that his 8th grade graduation was limited to COVID-19 rules and restrictions.

Last but not least, Terren Ransom (12). She has been at Benicia the past two school years. Ransom answered, “I went to school when we were hybrid in junior year and now senior year and the pandemic has been going on for almost two years so the masks don’t really hinder much at school, but they do keep us a little more safe.” 

It seems like most students have enjoyed themselves at school, and the juniors and seniors are back on campus and it’s like they barely skipped a beat. Benicia High School is thriving and by the looks of it everyone on campus is excited and ready for a fresh year in person.

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