Fans Are Obsessed With A$AP and Rihanna’s Newfound Love

By: Paige Butler

Rihanna and ASAP Rocky Cuddle Up While Filming in N.Y.C. |

Fans of both Rihanna and A$AP Rocky are freaking out over their newly announced romantic relationship. This August (2021) rumors were confirmed when the couple spoke with sources and finally claimed that they made things official. This news was no surprise to fans after A$AP publicly shared his infatuation with her. 

An inside source said,  “[Their] Romance evolved since they were friends first. They had already [known] and respected each other and it has just grown from there.” Many agree that the two had already started building a great foundation for their budding romance. A$AP does not conceal his love for Rihanna while calling her “[his] lady” and “the love of [his] life” in a public interview.

After paparazzi caught the couple on countless dates fans are calling them inseparable. The two were seen at clubs and parties sharing their affection for one another while dancing and having a good time. With such positive news fans are wondering what might be next for the new pair. Whatever happens we can all hope that Rihanna drops an album about it.

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