Kanye West Delays ‘Donda’ Album Release Further, with Third Listening Party Announced at Soldier Field, Chicago

By: Lucas Garske


On August 18, artist and producer Kanye West announced his third listening party for his upcoming album ‘Donda’. The event will be held in Soldier Field, Chicago. West made the announcement over Instagram with a post reading “Donda Soldier Field, 8-26-21”.

West first announced his album, named ‘Donda’ back in March of 2020, with bits and pieces of the album being released up until July 18, 2020 when West posted to twitter in a now deleted tweet claiming the album would be released July 24.  That day came and went, with no sign of West’s new album. 

After months of radio silence, with no new info about the album West’s co-writer and producer “CyHi the Prince” confirmed in an interview held on March 9th, 2021 that he was working on the project. “Once November, December, January comes around, [West] takes a hiatus, a little vacation break, get with the family”, “We’re back working, that’s why I’m out here too”, Prince explains.

On July 18th, West held an exclusive listening party in Las Vegas, with positive feedback from people invited. Internet Personality Justin Laboy made a twitter post about the event, saying “The production is light years ahead of it’s time… Any artist who plans on dropping soon should just push it back.” Def Jam then confirmed Donda’s release to be July 23rd, but that date came and went once again, with no sign of the album’s release.

West then moved into Atlanta’s Mercedes Benz stadium, working on the album until August 5th, where he held two listening events. Fans speculated that the album’s release date would be August 9th, while Apple Music listed that the album would be released on the 15th. Both of these dates weren’t the release date for the album however, which left fans frustrated.

West’s manager has confirmed over a post on twitter on August 19th claiming the album will finally be released after the listening party, saying “100%” and “Absolutely” in response to fans asking if the album would drop with the event. Seeing from West’s past of ambiguous release dates, it’s unknown whether or not the album will actually be released after the event, you’ll just have to wait and see.

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