Cristiano Ronaldo Returns to Manchester United in Shocking Transfer

By Adrian Jacobs

Cristiano Ronaldo has been in and out of sports-news chats as of the best fútbol players in history over the past half-decade; even at 36 years old! Lionel Messi and him have been fighting for the top with their constant, and impressive results throughout the past 5 years. 

Ronaldo’s career initially started back in 2003, at Manchester United, his first big team. On this historically successful team, Ronaldo played 292 games and scored 118 goals. Memories such as his first call up to the Portuguese National Team, his first Golden Boot, and his first Ballon-d’Or, are all accomplishments that he received on this team. In 2009, Ronaldo was offered, at the time, a world record fee of £80 million to transfer to F.C. Real Madrid. The transfer fee was so logical, even Manchester United’s coach back in 2009, Sir Alex Ferguson, gave it his blessing.

After twelve years, Cristiano Ronaldo decided to ‘return home’ to the Red Devils, aka Manchester United.

In his latest Instagram post, Ronaldo sent an emotional message to Manchester United fans, “Everyone who knows me, knows about my never ending love for Manchester United. The years I spent in this club were absolutely amazing and the path we’ve made together is written in gold letters in the history of this great and amazing institution.” He goes on about what a dream come true this transfer is, coming back to his home team, where he became the incredible player he is. It is really setting an example for youngsters who dream about making it to the big leagues.  

When Ronaldo announced his want-for-transfer, clubs across the world immediately contacted his agents, trying to sign one of the best players in the world. Manchester City was one of those teams pressured to sign Ronaldo. 

Now, Manchester City isn’t just any team. Manchester City and the Red Devils have shared a head on rivalry since the 20th century, even back when Ronaldo played for Manchester United. In 2009, after leaving Manchester United, reporters asked Ronaldo whether or not he would ever join Manchester City, and he clearly responded with, “Never. City have a lot of good players and might be a problem for United, Arsenal and Chelsea. But that doesn’t interest me.” Although loyalty is hard to find in fútbol, Cristiano Ronaldo’s character suggests he will never play for Manchester United’s strongest rivalry. 

Ronaldo has recently made it to Old Trafford (Manchester United’s home stadium), reminiscing about all the crazy memories he shared on that field, while ready to start dominating the world of fútbol once again. But this time, back in his home.

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