Seniors Reunite After a Year and a Half Apart For Senior Sunrise

By: Paige Butler

Benicia High School seniors kicked off the new school year, on September 3rd, with the annual Senior Sunrise. Twelfth graders arrived at the school early Friday morning, and were treated with donuts and hot chocolate.“I love seeing our class come together after over a year of not seeing each other to celebrate our senior year,” Jelly Jameson (12) says; adding “It just goes to show how connected we are.” 

Although it was cloudy, and the view lacked much of a sunrise, seniors were able to reconnect with old and new friends. Pitch black skies dissipated into light clouds, and the students all headed to get breakfast at local restaurants; a popular choice being the Benicia Grill. For two hours, seniors enjoyed each other’s company, while also enjoying their breakfast, before having to return to school at 8:30 for a full day of classes. 

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