Florida Schools On Lockdown After Mask Mandate

By: Quinisa Roberts

Protesters rally as School Board indefinitely extends mask mandate

Ongoing protests all over Florida are underway as parents of children protest over the choice to wear a mask at school. This mandate is requiring all K-12 students to wear a face covering at school. The argument of pro maskers and anti maskers has been going on for as long as the COVID-19 pandemic has been raiding every area in America for the past year and a half. 

Schools all over the country are returning back to school with mask mandates, but Florida seems to stand out. With angry parents crowding the sidewalks of schools, conflict has grown drastically with one parent, Dan Bauman, getting arrested last Wednesday morning for pushing a student on school grounds. The argument started with Bauman and his daughter arguing with authorities about not wearing masks and it quickly escalated physically.

It seems like the debate over masks in Florida is far from over, but school won’t wait for anybody.

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