Has the Texas Abortion Law gotten out of hand ?

By: Tara Thompson

Texas abortion law: Details and what comes next - Axios

On Thursday September 9th, The Biden administration sued the entire state of Texas to try to put an end to one of the most restrictive abortion laws we’ve seen. The law bans the ability for this procedure at six weeks into the pregnancy which is long before most people even know they’re pregnant. This law prohibits any citizen bystanders to take legal action against anyone who helps someone terminate their pregnancy. 

If someone sees or thinks someone is going to get an abortion they can sue the provider of the procedure. They can also decide to sue anyone who drives the person seeking to obtain an abortion to a clinic or anyone who helps finantually. This law allows anyone who files a lawsuit to obtain at least $10,000 no matter the way the child was coseived (rape and incest included). 

The law originally took effect on the first of September, ending abortions in Texas for what people thought were for good. Though a question many ask themselves is; is it constitutional? One of the main persons to bring this question to light is American attorney and jurist Merrick Garland who addressed the law as “clearly unconstitutional”. 

The Democratic members of Congress who have shared their opinion on the matter have said “The Department of Justice cannot permit private individuals seeking to deprive women of the constitutional right to choose an abortion to escape scrutiny under existing federal law simply because they attempt to do so under the color of state law”.

For now it is unclear what will happen to this law in the future. Whether it will last or be shut down. What we do know is people are fighting back; and they won’t stop until they are satisfied with their accomplishments. People from all over the country are protesting the law. Even people here in Benicia are planning on having a protest march on first street. Everyone is getting involved and doing what they can to abolish this law.

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