Giants Are First MLB Team Headed to Playoffs After Outstanding Season Performance

By: Adrian Jacobs

BOOM! After a 9-1 win at home, the Giants have clinched a playoff spot for the first time since 2016. They are the first team in the MLB to secure their position, setting the earliest postseason clinch in franchise history.

According to sources, the San Francisco Giants, “have scored at least six runs in eight consecutive games, their longest streak since 1998 and the longest by any MLB team since June of 2019.” These stats strike fear into the rest of the MLB teams headed to the playoffs. If this dominance continues, the Giants will be unstoppable! 

Gabe Kapler, the Giants’ new, 37th manager, has the team on track to 106 wins, which would match another record set by the New York Giants in 1904. And, Kapler has only been their manager for a year and a half! The energy he brings and smart signings he continues to make is undoubtedly one of the reasons behind the Giants’ success, and it must be acknowledged.

The MLB playoffs are set to start October 5th and the Giants are not going to let up. With only a couple weeks away, the Giants lead the NL West with a 102-54 win-loss record and if they keep their eyes on the prize, this could be their 9th World Series win as a franchise.

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