A Day in the Life of a High Schooler

By: Leila Rocha

Monday. The day when you wake up wondering why it isn’t still the weekend. The day you check to see if school still exists. However, on an average Monday, there is still school, and you still have to wake up and do your daily school routine. It’s possible that your school routine may look a little something like this:

7:00 am: If you want to have time to do things in the morning, this is when you may want to get up. You can go to the gym, do some homework, or take the extra time to get ready in the bathroom to pretend that you didn’t just get one hour of sleep. You’re not tricking anyone though, everyone is still going to see those under eye bags from across campus. 

First Period: So I hear you made it to class! Maybe twenty minutes late, but we won’t judge. This is the class where everyone is still half asleep, with the exception of your teacher, who’s been awake since 4:00 am anyways. It’s this class where you look down and realize that no, your shoes don’t match, and yes, you did forget to brush your teeth, and no, you didn’t do last night’s homework. Some of you may have even managed to forget your entire backpack. I don’t know how you did it, but you did.

Lunch: It’s lunch! By now you’re at least halfway through the day and it’s time to eat your lunch that you forgot to bring! Well I guess you only have a couple options: talk to some of your peers that you may call friends, or do homework… or at least pretend you’re doing homework. 

Last Period: This class is a sigh of relief considering you count the minutes until the bell rings for the last time of the day! It’s relieving until you remember that you have to go home and do more homework… or not, I mean it’s up to you. 

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