United States, United Kingdom, and Australia Announce New Defense Plan

By: Elliott Garske

President Joe Biden has announced a new defense initiative with the United Kingdom and Australia in order to strengthen stability in and around the Pacific Ocean.

The plan involves the United States and the United Kingdom sharing their defense technology with not only each other, but also Australia. This includes assisting Australia in obtaining Nuclear Submarine technology, among other advanced cyber security technology. 

While the deal is between the US, the UK, and Australia, it is very similar to another deal that was already signed between Australia and France back in 2016. In fact, France’s president Emmanuel Macron has gone on to say that President Biden is similar to that of his predecessor, Donald Trump, “without the tweets”. The French, in general, feel as if their own allies are working against them, even though France already has itself situated in the Indo-Pacific area.

The initiative has been enacted due to concerns of China taking control of the Indo-Pacific area, due to an expansion in it’s military, with Australia being able to defend itself better with the help of the US. This also allows the US and the UK to have a better idea of what’s going on in the region based on information from Australia. Although with China worsening it’s relations with many other western powers besides the US, they might seek similar partnerships with Russia or North Korea based on already sound relations within those countries.

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