Gremlin Friends and How to Take Care of Them

By: Gwendolyne Chambers

Many of you may have heard of a thing called the “gremlin friend.” Well, I am here to tell you that gremlin friends are real. The gremlin friends do exist, they have been taken by the extroverts and now they’re confused and don’t know what to do. I am here to tell you how to take care of your gremlin and by reading these steps you can learn how to take care of them.  

  1. Take them on a walk

Taking your gremlin friend on a walk is proven to be beneficial to their physical health as they have been in their room for the past 17 days playing video games and crying. They haven’t seen the sun, so make them. If they’re refusing to leave, you can try luring them out with foods such as ramen or pizza, drinks such as Monster Energy or Redbull may work as well. 

  1. Buy a leash for the walk

They are literal gremlins, if they see a shiny thing in the road they will jump at it. That leash will keep them from dying because they want the shiny object. Leashes save lives, the leashes that work best are the ones that parents have for children, think of your gremlin friend as a leash child in this scenario. Do not leash your introvert and gremlin at the same time, however, for it may look something like this: 

  1. Go bowling

Gremlins can be very competitive as proven by their Grandmaster rank in League of Legends. When your introvert friend is competitive, take them to do something competitive, make them feel good, see how they kick ass. Bowling can get very competitive and your gremlin can have fun at something like this. 

  1. Buy oversized clothes for yourself

They aren’t actually for you, they’re for your gremlin. Gremlin friends love oversized clothes, especially ones that smell like their friends. If they like you, they will take your stuff, especially the oversized stuff. Give them the clothes, or they will cry. 

  1. Rocks

Literally just trust me with this one, gremlins friends love keeping sticks, rocks, that one super dull shard of glass they found, find some and give it to them. Gremlin friends tend to resort to their animalistic/cottagecore urges. Nature based items, animal skulls, vines for their wall, dirt. Give it to them, they will love you forever. 

Gremlin friends give what they have and are loyal to who they like or trust. They are like raccoons, but in human form. Your own personal trash panda that is a bit of work, but worth the result. Now go take care of your adorable chaotic child. Thank you for reading through this useful information. Now go use it, your gremlin friend needs it. 

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