Alter Ego: The Perfect Marriage Between Technology and Entertainment

By: Leila Rocha

Alter Ego is an innovative singing competition airing on Fox TV. The creativity present is preeminent compared to other shows on the air. It truly emphasizes the technological advances made in the entertainment industry. Even the judges are blown away by the outstanding visuals that the contestants bring with their avatars. 

The show is judged by two, seven time, Grammy award winning artists, and Alanis Morissette, along with award winning music video director, Grimes and former lead singer of 98 Degrees, Nick Lachey. Hosting is Rocsi Diaz. However, the dramatic imagery seen on screen while watching at home, and the strong singing voices presented by the contestants, is the real reason to tune in. The way the alter egos sync with the behind-the-screen singers is unreal. Every move the contestants make is replicated with this advanced technology.

As for the actual competition, the contestants’ identities are hidden from the judges behind their alter egos. This makes for a fair competition, considering this has the ability to prevent biased judging. Also, the contestants have the opportunity to display confidence without showing their face… until they get eliminated of course. The contestants are also excited about this because they are able to be who they want to be. Lachey states it as, “Maybe they have stage fright or anxiety. Maybe they have an issue with their self-image or their self-worth and this is a way for them to kind of hide behind something.”

The judges being impressed by the visuals, specifically Lachey, brings a sense of reality and excitement to the show. “The technology is incredible. People are going to be blown away by it,” he said. And his prediction was correct,  The Daily Beast even labeled it as “the most dystopian reality competition yet.” In conclusion, Alter Ego is a fresh new show that perfectly represents this generation by its use of advanced tech.

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