New Netflix Original: ‘Squid game’ Invades Tik Tok

By: Jovillene Datu

About Netflix - “Kill or Be Killed” Squid Game Main Trailer & Ensemble  Poster Released, Showing the Truth Behind the Deadly Games!

How did ‘Squid Game’ invade Tik Tok? At first, trailers and mini clips of the show emerged into people’s ‘for you page’, millions of views later, people started posting their own  versions of the games and edits of the actors. One of the games is called dalgona, the challenge is to carve out the symbol of the sugar candy without cracking the piece as the whole. There are many ways people make honeycomb candy and presents to be in the games. Some companies have even created entertainment apps that are similar to the games on the show. Actors are also gaining the interest of the teen audience because of the Tik Tok edits. Many find the actors attractive and sometimes this is the reason why they watch the show.  

“Squid game,” released on Netflix, September 17, 2021, has become one of the most popular and most watched shows internationally on the internet. Influenced by the survival movie, “Hunger Games”, “Squid game” portrays a similar plot, the main character ‘Seong Gi-hun’ tries surviving a chain of children’s games to win a 38 million dollar prize, in order to pay off his depth. 450 people also participated in these deadly versions of classic childhood games.

Why is the show so popular? There are many contributing factors, that includes the type of genre, actors, and the plot. A simple story line is significant to captivating the audience’s attention, a complicated plot would confuse the viewer and make it seem boring for them. When producing a television show the genre needs to be in demand. Statistics on ‘,’ proves that shows containing drama receive the most views. Considering that the ‘Squid game’ is a survival series, it would make sense that there would be some disputes among the characters, thus creating drama and the show obtaining millions of views on Netflix.

Actors who were involved with the show mattered the most. In order to gain an audience, a well-known actor must have a big part, or be the visuals of the show. Although Gong Yoo played a small role in the show as a salesman, he managed to attract the attention of his fans and received enough views for the show to be on Netflix’s most watched. Another famous celebrity that attracted more fans is Jung Ho-yean, who played Kang Saw-beyok, a North Korean citizen who fled to South Korea for a better life with her brother. Jung Ho-yean became mainstream through modeling, and debuted in her first role in the ‘Squid game.’ Many other actors include Lee Jung-Jae as Seong Gi-hun, Wi Ha-joon as Hwang Jun-ho, and Anupam Tripathi as Ali.   Overall, if Tik Tok recommends it, then you should watch it. 

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