Should Ariana Grande Have Spun for David Vogel?

By: Leila Rocha

The Voice is only four episodes into the twenty-first season and the controversies have already begun! Fans are left torn by coach Ariana Grande’s decision to coach contestant, David Vogel.

David Vogel is a twenty-three year old from Valhalla, New York. On the show he stated that he is in an indie pop alternative rock band and he went to school for audio engineering. Also, Vogel described Grande as “amazing” and is inspired by her as a producer. 

Vogel took the stage on September 28 singing Grande’s song, ‘Breathin’. The song choice seemed to flatter Grande. She said, “That was so beautiful. I thought it was a really unique take. I love that you play an instrument too. I loved your take on it. I love your style. I’m selfishly very happy I waited ‘til the last second because now you are mine and mine only. I’m very happy about this. I am so excited to hopefully go all the way to the end.”

Unlike Grande, some didn’t seem as pleased by Vogel’s performance. In the youtube comment section, fans wrote what they thought, “Ariana hand was literally shaking over pressing the button. I think she didn’t want to hurt his feelings but wasn’t quite sure if he’s ready. The song choice saved him.” But others thought that Vogel was deserving of moving onto the next round. “He got such (a) pop punk voice and would thrive if he can stay in that lane. I feel like he’s not getting enough credit in the comments,” one commenter said. 

Judging by Vogel’s individual blind audition, he deserves to be coached by Grande. Although I’m not a singer, I found his voice to be unique and he hit that last high note well. In addition to this, Vogel had good stage presence. I enjoyed how he had himself and his guitar on stage. However, Vogel has some work to do if he wants to prove to the haters that he’s worthy of being in the competition. 

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