Trick-or-Treating: Does it Really Make Sense?

By: Leila Rocha

Halloween. The night where children get to knock on strangers’ doors and threaten to trick them if they don’t give them candy. They do this despite the emphasis parents put on not talking to strangers, and especially not taking anything edible from them. I mean we all know what happened to Snow White. That idiot never even thought to think that the apple was poison! But yet on the thirty-first day of every October, parents seem to forget this rule. Lets roleplay:

Any random day of the year:

Gina: Hey mom, a nice old lady offered me a piece of candy! Can I eat it?!

Gina’s mother: No! You never take food from strangers! 

Halloween night:

Gina: Hey mom, I know you told me to never take food from strangers, but can I please go trick-or-treating and get a lot of candy?

Gina’s mother: Sure honey! Go meet some new people!

Not only do parents let their children take candy from strangers, but they allow it on the night where people are unrecognizable in masks and carefully detailed costumes. That’s right, people are walking around in zombie costumes and some are even holding weapons that are supposedly fake. But it’s ok kids, just go knock on their doors and ask them for some candy!

Considering the previous statements, why is it that parents choose Halloween as the day they let their children run loose on the streets taking strangers’ candy? Well I think the answer is obvious: It’s the creepy clowns and knife-wielding maniacs roaming around that gives them comfort! I mean who can look at this face and find it to be untrustworthy:

So does trick-or-treating make sense? The answer is yes. And why is that the answer? Because. Just because. 

But seriously people, our world is full of hypocrisy that we just let slide. Like how so many find stalking concerning, but when Santa sees you when you’re sleeping and knows when you’re awake, it’s not an issue! This world never makes sense!

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