Student Section: What to Expect for Homecoming Week

By: Paige Butler

Arguably the most fun part of football games; the student section. Benicia high surely doesn’t lack spirit. Themed crowds, t-shirt cannons, and chants started by those who won’t be able to talk in following days, all contribute to the spirited students here at BHS. The rowdy crowd hypes up players and parents alike. 

The next football and volleyball home games, October 15th and Thursday, October 14th, will be no exception. The panther pride club has much in store for the enthusiastic student section. Panther pride club’s Vice President, Jelly Jameson (12) says “ The Panther Pride Club plans on cheering on our football and volleyball team for homecoming week. Senior night for the volleyball team will be on Thursday and we plan on cheering and celebrating the seniors last season! The following day, the football team will have their homecoming game which will have the student section rawring, holding up posters, gathering with friends, and especially cheering on the team, band, color guard and the cheerleaders! GO PANTHERS!”.

The hype doesn’t stop at the football student sections. The panther pride falls over into our next home games for girls volleyball. Homecoming week (October 11th – 15th) will be packed with fun spirit days, prideful panthers, and rowdy crowds full of students. There is plenty of opportunity to show your school spirit in the coming weeks. GO PANTHERS!

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