2021 Golden State Warriors Media Day Coverage

By: Stephen Ransom

Golden State Warriors 2021 NBA Media Day highlights

On Monday September 27, in San Francisco at Chase Center,  The Golden State Warriors opened their doors to the arena and the locker room. This event was a big gathering after last year’s limited capacity due to COVID-19 rules and restrictions. 

The biggest headline of the week was Warriors’ star Andrew Wiggins on whether he would receive the vaccine. If he does he’ll be admitted into the arena and on the roster to play all home games in San Francisco. 

When asked by the media Wiggins answered, “I’m confident in my beliefs, what I think is right and what I think is wrong.” When the media kept wondering why he was “hampering” the team’s ability to have a strong season, Wiggins said that his reasons were “none of their business.” Leaving all wondering if he’ll receive the vaccine or stick to his beliefs.

Warriors’ new additions, Andre Iguodala, Otto Porter Jr., and Nemanja Bjelica, all experienced veterans, were welcomed with open arms to the organization with open arms from GM Bob Meyers and Coach Steve Kerr. 

Iguodala on his second run with the Warriors after being traded to the Miami Heat two seasons ago, ready to bring the experience, leadership and help in whatever way he can to benefit the team.

 Otto Porter signed a veterans minimum, and in his words, is looking to help in “any role coach sees me in.” 

Bjelica was asked by the press about how he feels he fits in with the team. Bjelica replied with, “they play fast and they play simple” which he believes he’ll showcase more than his ability to shoot with the team.

Photo courtesy of www.bleachernews.com 

Star players Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson participated in photoshoots and a 20 minute press conference each where they discussed rookies and the forecast of the team this season and seasons to come to the media. Klay Thompson participated in his first media in 2 years as he tore his ACL in game 6 of the 2019 NBA Finals, then tore his achilles in October 2020. 

Thompson was asked when everybody would expect to see him in court where Thompson said, “It won’t be anytime before 12 months” , then GM Bob Meyers later saying Thompson’s return will be a home game. Also saying Thompson hasn’t returned to full contact and 5 on 5 in practice yet, but will soon be looking to make the leap to harder workouts.

Warriors All-Star Stephen Curry was in attendance to express his thoughts about the Warriors Organization, “We don’t have huge holes in the roster. There’s a lot of potential for young guys to step up in a meaningful way, probably faster than we’ve been used to in the past with how we’ve won.” Thus showing Curry has some confidence in the team this year to bring a championship back to the bay area.

The Warriors now look to open their pre-season with an away game against the Portland Trailblazers on Monday October 4th.

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