Squid Game Takes Over Netflix: A Review

By: Quinisa Roberts

An Honest Review of Netflix's 'Squid Game' - PureWow

The nine episode nail biting South Korean series,  Squid Game, is taking Netflix US and the globe by storm. Watchers are anxiously awaiting a second season, after being left on a cliffhanger on the ninth episode (which was almost an hour long!). The cast of Squid Game has gained international popularity especially Player 456, Jun-ho, and Ali. The show is amazingly good, with an interesting plot. However, there are themes that might not be appropriate for sensitive watchers, so just keep that in mind before watching. 

This show can get you hooked fast, with the very first episode reeling in watchers with a dramatic sense, hilarious scenes, a shocking cameo from beloved actor Gong Yoo (who was in Train to Busan, another film success), and an suspenseful atmosphere that the characters reach when they arrive at the place where the games are played. The implied antagonists, the Staffers, wear a pink jumpsuit with corresponding masks. The players wear a teal jumpsuit and white shoes. Every single player in the games is involved in some sort of financial debt, and their motivational push is the giant piggy bank containing the ₩45.6 billion prize hanging above them. But if you fail to win a game controlled by the Staffers, you’re eliminated. But not eliminated in a lighthearted sense, you literally get killed by the staffers.

Throughout the season, it can be an emotional rollercoaster. Besides the games having you on the edge of your seat, we can experience some alliances (& some betrayals) between the characters. It’s a ton of drama, and lots of jaw dropping. Just be prepared for all of that,  and afterwards, reading all the tweets about the series is highly recommended for things that you might’ve missed in the show.

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