Saquon Barkley Suffers Another Unfortunate Injury

By: Stephen Ransom

New York Giants young star Saquon Barkley suffered an ankle injury in week 5 against the Dallas Cowboys. This resulted in Barkley being carted off because of the swelling shown in the photo above.

Barkley was in the slot when he ran a 7-yard slant route, which was overthrown by Giants’ quarterback Daniel Jones. After the route Barkley kept jogging through and rolled his ankle stepping on the foot of the Cowboys’ cornerback when they intercepted paths after the play.

Immediately after, Barkley fell to the ground grasping his ankle. After being helped to his feet by his teammate, Barkley hobbled to the sideline where he was met by the Giants’ training and medical staff.

This is unfortunate for Barkley because his career has been riddled with injuries. In his 3rd season Barkley was sidelined in 2019 because of a grade two ankle sprain. Followed up the next year with him being absent most of the season due to a torn ACL, Partial meniscus tear, and a MCL strain.

His only healthy season being his rookie year. Barkley was ruled out for the week and not cleared for practice as he was given crutches and told to take it easy. He’d been told he’ll be evaluated again towards the end of the week. 

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