Rust Implements a New ‘Camper module’ to the Game, Along With Other Interesting Changes.

By: Lucas Garske 

Facepunch Studios, the developers of the popular survival game Rust, have released an update on October 7th. This update revealed some new features to their game, including a new “Camper Module” and the beginnings of a quest system. This update also adds various quality of life changes to the game.

Rust is a multiplayer survival game developed by Facepunch Studios, first released in December of 2013. The objective of the game is to survive on a procedurally generated island, also inhabited by up to 250 other players. Starting with only a rock and a torch, players have to survive against the wildlife of the island, as well as other players, and other AI enemies.

The new update introduced the “Camper Module”; a new unit you can add to a vehicle allowing the use of four spawn points, a place to store items, and a place to cook food while on the go. This is the first time such a feature has been added, and many players have been enjoying the Camper so far. 

“This update is nuts. Well done guys.” says Twitter user Ser Winter in regards to the new content being added.

A very early version of a quest system was also implemented. The first quests that have been added so far are geared towards new players, but they intend on expanding this system to include many different activities. “We will be expanding on this in the coming months to include PvP missions (capture and hold, delivery, ambush) and eventually even bounty hunting.” says Helk, a game designer from Facepunch. Various quality of life changes have also been added, such as the ability to use voice chat while painting signs and reducing the crafting of some items.

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