Supreme Court to OK Kentucky Abortion Law Defense

By: Julia Ordaz

Is the Supreme Court too political? A look at the court's ideology | On  Point

After being denied at two courts, the law to ban the “dilation and evacuation” surgical abortion method has been brought up once again. Kentucky Attorney General, Daniel Cameron, is responsible for the plea sent to the Supreme Court, which asks for the law to have another chance at courts. It seems likely that the Supreme Court will approve this request. 

“Dilation and evacuation” is the dilation of the cervix and surgical evacuation of the uterus during the second trimester of pregnancy, usually around 15 weeks. The procedure is one of the more common abortion methods and is often used for miscarriages. 

In 2018 Kentucky state governor, Matt Bevin, signed into law the banning of this practice. It was quickly fought by EMW Women’s surgical center, and in 2019 it was also challenged by a federal judge, and a U.S. Court of Appeals. The law was found “unconstitutional” by both courts, effectively being blocked. Current Kentucky governor, Andy Beshear, dropped the law altogether. 

The challenge comes on Tuesday October 12, 2021 when the Supreme Court is in the midst of another abortion restriction battle. The Texas Abortion Law was enacted May 19, 2021 and passed September 1, 2021, and it bans abortions after the six week mark of pregnancy- long before most women know they’re pregnant. If found to have had an abortion, women and their doctor can be sued for thousands of dollars. This law, like the Kentucky one, has been met with immediate and consistent controversy. 

Supreme Court justices were said to have asked sympathetic questions of Cameron, and according to NBC news, “The word ‘abortion’ was mentioned only once during the roughly 70 minutes of courtroom argument. 

Under the pressure of citizens arguing against the Texas law, has the Supreme Court shown that they really do support the total banning of abortion? Have they discovered a similar law that supports their ideals with less outcry in the plea of Attorney General, Daniel Cameron?

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