Allay: The Latest Mob to be Announced in Minecraft

By: Alayna Smith

After a year of anticipation, this year’s vote for the addition of a new mob, or in-game creature, on the popular sandbox game, Minecraft, took place on the 16th. The results of the player lead poll revealed that the allay, a small, ghost-like pet, won the most popular vote and will be added to the game in a future update.

With possibly one of the most charming interactions to be introduced in the game so far, the allay has stolen the hearts of the majority of the Minecraft community. Fans speculate that the way to befriend these angelic creatures is to give them a cookie, after which it will begin to gather items that are handed to it. Its function as described by creators is going to be to transfer dropped items from one place to another as well as to store additional goods. Creators have also mentioned that allays have a love for music and will dance whenever it is played.

The community mob vote seems to be emerging as an annual occurrence between Minecraft developers and the Minecraft gaming community. It allows fans to have a greater say in certain aspects of the gameplay. The first occurred in 2017, as a sort of experiment to see how it would engage the community, but the more official ones didn’t start until last year. In the past, users voted for the addition of phantoms and the glow squid, both of which were added within a year of their announcement.

While some fans are very eager for the addition of the adorable creature, others are disappointed that it will take the place of the other two competitors. The allay faced fierce competition from both the copper golem, a copper-based creature that would click buttons and iodize over time, and the glare, a grumpy-looking bush-creature that would alert the player of potential monster spawn locations. Sadly if this is anything like the previous mob votes, these mobs will not have the opportunity to appear later in the game.

Ultimately, this now annual mob vote appears to have been a success with fans everywhere buzzing about the news. The allay has won over many and is predicted to make its first appearance in early January 2022.

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