What Are The People At Benicia High School Thankful For?

By: Keilany Ligons 

It’s the holiday season again, which means it’s almost time for food, gifts, and of course, high school students stressing out and crying over their finals. One of the first upcoming holidays is Thanksgiving, a day to give thanks and show how grateful you are for the things and people around you or, for some, an excuse to eat a lot of really good food. 

Regardless of how people celebrate, this year is extra special. Unlike last year, many are finally able to go out and be around family and friends now that more people are vaccinated and have found safe ways to be near each other, which is also one of the reasons we’ve been able to go back to in-person school. So given that students can finally interact with each other, face to face, and our week-long Thanksgiving break is coming up very soon, I’ve decided to take some time to ask the seniors, for whom this will be their last Thanksgiving break as high school students, and some of the staff at Benicia High School what they are most thankful for this year.

“For all the awesome people in my life (friends, my parents, and others).”

– Anu Grehary (12th grade)

“My accepting parents who love me for who I am.”

– Mark Racher (12th grade)

“My students, my family, my home.”

– Ms. Martin (Teacher)

“For the positive, and loving friends and family who stand by me every day through the good days and bad days.”

– Olivia Roy (12th grade)


– Rico del Rosario (12th grade)

“Being given opportunities that give me a chance to thrive and live in prosperity.”

– Juliana Leonares (12th grade)


– Morgan Mae Hendryx (12th grade)

“My boyfriend, Travis.”

– Aliya Komoda (12th grade)

“I am thankful for this beautiful world with its oceans and mountains to enjoy.”

– Ms. Peterson (Office)

“For my family, food, and friends. The three F’s.”

– Kynae Becker (12th grade)

“For a great transition from the Philippines to the U.S., I’m also thankful that wrestling season wasn’t canceled!”

– Enzo Morales (12th grade)

“My dog.”

– Milo Boyd (12th grade)

“Being able to be in person and see all of my students again.”

– Mr. Hughes (Teacher)

“For the support and love, my family and friends give me.”

– Juan Gabriel Santos (12th grade)

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