Three North Korean Soldiers Sent to Prison Camp for Dancing BTS Moves

By: Jovillene Datu

Three Anti-forced Command units and Korean People’s Army air were sent to a political prison camp after allegedly performing K-pop group BTS’s ‘Blood, Sweat, & Tears’. The trio, in their late 20s, decided to perform BTS dance moves on a train to Mount Paektu, a symbolic site believed to be the birthplace of the late North Korean Leader, Kim Jong II.

 Two propaganda officers from the MSC, or Military Security Command, on the train saw the dance and called the trains station’s personnels to arrest the soldiers. These men were eventually sent to the Kaechon Political Prison Camp and charged for “imitating a corrupt dance from South Korea to learn about the revolutionary spirit of patriotic martyrs”, according to Daily NK. It was assumed that they’re getting a dishonorable discharge or half a year of disciplinary labor. The soldiers allegedly argued that authorities had overlooked them for pre-morning non-violent dances.

North Korea conflicts very heavily with South Korea’s democratic and republican system. North Korea’s government is under a dictatorship of people’s democracy, and with that, there are many rigid standards when it comes to their citizens. That is why it is considered disloyalty to their country when citizens favor other countries’ attributes regarding cultures. There are rumors that these soldiers will stay in the prison for 6 months or will be released this coming February.

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