Scotland Becomes the First Country In World To Require Teaching LGBTQ+ In School

By: Jovillene Datu

Scotland officially becomes the first country in the world to require teaching LGBTQ+ in schools by late 2021. All school staff will have access to a “toolkit of LGBTQ+ inclusive teaching resources as well as having to take basic awareness e-learning courses.” Scotland is known as “One of the most LGBT-friendly countries in the world,” by the media. They welcome their citizens and tourists with castles of clubs, huge events, and locations that cater specifically to the LGBT+ community. Scotland values dignity, freedoms, and full enjoyment of human rights that are protected regardless of sexual orientation, gender identity, and expression. 

Nearly half or 64 percent of LGBTQ+ students have been bullied by other students reported by Charity Stone Wall. Eventually, exercising in opposing discrimination to reduce bullying became another course of many school curriculum in Scotland. “I experienced bullying and prejudice at school for being gay, and it had a detrimental impact on my confidence and well being for time,” stated by Time for Inclusive Education co-founder Jordan Daly. Daly also expressed that “this work will empower young people and provide them with an opportunity I didn’t have at school – to feel valued, confident, and proud of who they are.”

There was a survey conducted by ‘Stonewall’ in 2019 that showed that 60 percent of people believe that education about diverse families, such as those that have same-sex parents, should be taught at school. The support ranged in ages 16-24, tallying with 68% of people in agreement. Other statistics gathered by ‘Stonewall’  proclaimed that two in five (40%) LGBTQ+ pupils were not taught about their history and importance.

Everyday lesson plans will incorporate LGBTQ+ history and topics such as simple math problems about how much money they need to buy Father’s Day cards for their two dads. In addition to introducing the history behind The “Body, Mind, Spirit,” of LGBTQ+  written and produced by ‘Proud Trust.’ There will also be English sessions on ‘Poetry: Writing for Equality’ and ‘Prose: Letter to Our Younger Selves.”

The Chief Executive at ‘Stonewall’ said that, “it is essential the Government invests more in training and resources to better prepare teachers and schools to deliver high-quality LGBT-inclusive teaching now and in the future.” 

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