When You’re Waiting to Get Picked Up From School

By: Leila Rocha

So, I heard the bell just rang for you to get the heck outta math class and go home! Well I guess as your teachers would say: “The bell doesn’t dismiss you, I do.” But regardless, school is over! You can get your backpack and sprint out the school gates. Well this is what you thought until you looked at your phone and realized that your mother is five minutes away. Which truly means that she hasn’t even left home yet. 

So now you look like that idiot standing on the street corner waiting for your mom to pull up and pick you up. I can tell you right now that you are most likely the kid who either tries their best to look occupied by going on your phone, or you’re the kid who awkwardly looks at all the cars passing by hoping the next one is your ride. 

Should you sit on a bench? Should you wave to your friend across the street? You really don’t know. In fact, all you know is that it’s been twenty minutes and your mother (yes, the one who was supposed to be there fifteen minutes ago) is nowhere to be seen. At this point you should just walk home. Surely you’re already mad about your delayed ride home but you look up and there’s another surprise. It’s raining! To add to the inconvenience, you don’t have an umbrella or a hood. 

Finally the snail that you have as a mother pulls up, and even though she’s the one that has caused you much despair, she’s upset with you! For no good reason! You try to tell her this but she just gets even more upset. Then the rest of the car ride is just silent. Awkward. 

This article isn’t sarcastic at all. I meant every word I said. Idiot. 

Just kidding about that last line. I guess.

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