Travel Ban in the United States Has Been Lifted For Those Who Are Vaccinated

By: Kyla Mitchell

The U.S. had a travel ban for international travel set in place for more than a year, and on November 8, 2021, the United States reopened travel to those who are fully vaccinated. Families and friends can now reunite after the lift for the first time since the start and spread of COVID-19. Permanent residents and U.S. citizens were always allowed to travel back home, this travel ban was for the tourists according to AP News

NPR stated that the majority of travelers are from Mexico, Canada, and Europe. Since almost all of the travelers are coming from Europe, airlines and airports are preparing themselves for the surge of people that will mainly be coming from there. 

The new rules have been placed stating that flying is allowed from countries that were once restricted as long as the traveler(s) are fully vaccinated and have proof of a negative COVID-19 test they are allowed to fly. If they don’t produce both their ID and full vaccination, plane riders can face a hefty fine of $35,000 per violation. 

According to NPR, airline flights between the United States and the United Kingdom increased by 21% just this month. Travelers have been warned about longer lines for the next few weeks. The Washington Post states that, “Monday’s reopening went relatively smoothly for airports across the country.” In Atlanta the Hartsfield-Jackson airport, dubbed the busiest airport in the nation, and the world’s busiest airport before COVID-19, reported that all went normally during the reopening.

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