Lebron James and Isaiah Stewart Ejected After Altercation

By: Adrian Jacobs

Things got heated in Detroit last Sunday. Lakers guard: Lebron James, and Pistons center: Isaiah Stewart, were scrambling during a free throw when James sent a flying elbow to Stewart’s head, which would eventually draw blood. Although Lebron James claims for it to have been an accident, Isaiah Stewart was not having it. 

Directly after the blow, Isaiah Stewart stood up in Lebron’s face, determined to start a fight. The two were separated by teammates and coaches but Stewart was angry and wasn’t going to stop. Even after being pushed to opposite sides of the court, Stewart plowed his way through several coaches and players, looking to punch Lebron. 

After the physical altercation, both players were ejected; Isaiah Stewart for the multiple inappropriate acts of trying to fight, and Lebron James for his harsh punch. The NBA does not allow and accept this behaviour so both players will be receiving a fine in the next few days, along with the repetitive embarrassment on social media. 

As a rookie, an ejection in his first year looks bad on Isaiah Stewart’s resume. After 19 years, this is only Lebron James second time being ejected, the first being back in 2017 when he was on the Cavaliers. With experience, he should have known better. 

 The Lakers went on to win the game 121-116 and are now sitting 9-9 in league. The Pistons on the other hand acquired another loss to worsen their 4-12 record. 

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