A Safety Guide Going to Your First BTS Concert

By: Jovillene Datu

Last Saturday and Sunday BTS kicked off their first concert in a long time at the Los Angeles Sofi stadium. According to ‘Rollingstones.com’ fans stated that they were “really excited and nervous” and “in between almost crying and screaming and shouting.” BTS has amusing concerts. To have a similar experience is important to follow ‘Big Hits’ guidelines in order to enjoy your time there. So, here is how to prepare yourself for your first BTS concert according to fans.

Definitely start with researching about how much are you willing to spend on tickets, where the concert is at, what to bring and what not to bring, and overall budget.

BTS concert tickets are very difficult to get, so with that be careful on what website to get them from, some can even take all your money. For first timers, I would advise you to get tickets that are as close as possible, if no budget is needed and for those who are still in school that is not college, it is best to get seats because getting general admission and arriving late will give you a low chance of being close to the stage. The safest websites are ‘SeatGeek’ or ‘Ticketmaster.’

If you are planning to go out of your town or country, decide if you intend to go sightseeing and explore that area and create an itinerary. When traveling by plane, be aware of the airport’s restrictions regarding COVID-19, such as mandatory masks and face shields. I recommend bringing extra masks, hand sanitizer, and travel size Lysol/Clorox wipes to protect yourself from germs. Of course, bring your ID, your best looking outfits, vaccination card, phone charger and extra money because merchandise as well as food can get a little expensive. If you plan to stay in a hotel, bring your own pillow cases because some hotels can be unsanitary. Mini Lysol sprays are perfect for cleaning surfaces in hotels and rental cars. Bring your own set of hygiene products because some hotels won’t provide enough or none.

After purchasing your tickets and deciding where to stay, it is time to check the rules for these concerts. ‘Big Hit’ announced that fans can only bring bags that are clear and 12” x 6” x 12” per person. Prohibited bags include camera bags, grocery bags, fanny packs, and many more. Your ticket is the most important item in the bag and if you lose it no refunds will be given. Outside food and drinks can be eaten before going in the stadium or arena, however they are not allowed inside. The only way of eating food is purchasing them in the stadium’s food stand. A mini emergency kit would come in handy in addition to a limited supply of makeup for retouch ups.

BTS concerts can sometimes become very hectic if it’s your first time, so make sure to remain calm and enjoy the whole experience.

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