Actors of Squid Game And Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha Become Gucci’s Newest Brand Ambassadors

By: Jovillene Datu

Gucci announced on November 11th that South Korea’s actors Lee Jung-jae and Shin Min-a from the popular Netflix shows ‘Squid game’ and ‘Hometown Cha-Cha-Cha’ will be their newest global ambassadors. Gucci unveiled a series of photos of the two stars, in Gucci’s current pieces. The collection was designed by Alessandro Michele, the fashion house’s creative director. 

Shin Min-a is a model and actress, best known for starring in television dramas such as ‘My girlfriend is a Nine-Tailed Fox’ and ‘Oh my Venus.’ In her recent drama she wore a $1,300 Gucci 2015 Re-Edition Silk Shirt with Bee and a $1,100 2015 Re-Edition Wool Pant. The actress and model was the first East Asain spokesperson for contemporary brand Rag and Bone. Soompi stated that “her sophisticated and unequalled style and her belief in the pursuit of diversity and respect for self-expression is similar to Gucci’s philosophy.” 

Alongside Shin, Squid game actor Lee-Jung-jae was also chosen as Gucci Ambassador. Lee-Jung-Jae made his acting debut in the 1993 TV drama ‘Dinosaur Teacher’ after two years of modeling, according to South China’s morning post. His charming looks were reportedly scouted while he was working at a coffee shop. Gucci stated that “Lee-Jung-jae’s charismatic and iconic style and strong self-identity is similar to Gucci’s philosophy that values acceptance of diversity and self-expression.” 

Both actors are currently posting numerous pictures of themselves in Gucci attire on their social media and have received many positive comments from fans.

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