Types of Birth Control and their Effectiveness

By: Jovillene Datu

There are many different types of birth control in the modern world and it is a very good topic to familiarize yourself with as you get older. It’s a way to protect yourself and others. Below, we will list all of the common forms of birth control, how they are used, and their estimated effectiveness.

Birth Control Implant (99% effectiveness)

A tiny thin rod that doctors implant into your arm and last about 5 years.

IUD (99% effectiveness)

A tiny T-shaped plastic device that is put directly into the uterus that lasts 3-12 years.

Birth Control Shot (94% effectiveness)

Also known as the Depo-Provera shot (or just Depo shot) that you receive every 3 months and is only effective if you get it on time. 

Vaginal Ring (91% effectiveness)

A small and flexible ring that is put into the vagina and is replaced monthly.

Birth Control Patch (91% effectiveness)

A patch that is placed on certain parts of the body and releases hormones through the skin. It must be replaced weekly.

Birth Control Pill (99% effectiveness)

Comes in a pack in which you take one a day and completely stops ovulation.

Male and Female Condoms (~85% effectiveness)

Thin and stretchy pouches that collect sperm so that it doesn’t enter the vagina and prevents STDs.

Diaphragm Birth Control (88% effectiveness)

A bendable cup that is placed in the vagina and covers the cervix during sex.

Birth Control Sponge (76-88% effectiveness)

A soft and squishy sponge that is placed in the vagina, covers the cervix, and contains spermicide.

Spermicide and Contraceptive Gel (72-86% effectiveness)

Birth control that comes in the form of a gel that is place inside the vagina before sex

Cervical Cap (71-86% effectiveness)

A soft silicone cup that is placed inside the vagina to cover the cervix.

Withdrawal (78% effectiveness)

Like I stated before, it is important for everyone to educate themselves and understand the different forms of birth control to protect themselves and others around them. 

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