When You Give a School Presentation

By: Leila Rocha

It happens to everyone. There’s almost no escaping the terror that is presenting to your peers. Why do we even have to present at school? Why is this a skill that we as human beings must learn in order to thrive in this overwhelmingly barbarous world? Why can’t we all just keep our google slides to ourselves? Why must we have to present what was on the slides? Must they really watch us suffer? Does our intense pain we endure when we present bring them pleasure? Why can’t the class just read the slides as we awkwardly stand next to the board?

Presentations. The first rule to presenting is to not read off the board where your piece of horribly done schoolwork is displayed. Take note cards. Project to the back of the classroom. Make it interesting. These are all rules that administrators expect us to follow. But in reality few kids follow these rules. There’s the kid who isn’t even prepared. They’re supposed to be presenting about eagles but they’re rambling on about killer whales and talking about how they didn’t have enough time to prepare even though they had three months. There’s the kid who’s so smart that they might as well just teach the class full time. Then there’s the kid who I’m sure has something amazing to say but you can’t even hear what they’re saying.

But it’s ok! I have some advice for you. Read carefully and don’t skip over a single word of the following: Just start talking. It doesn’t even have to be about the subject you’re presenting about. Talk about your life at home. Gossip about your enemies. I’m sure you’ll quickly realize that NO ONE IS PAYING ATTENTION. Well, except your teacher.

The moral of the story here is you shouldn’t be embarrassed to present because no one really cares what you say. In fact I’m sure most people are just paying attention to how nervous they are to present. If anything, they’ll only pay attention to if your google slides are worse than theirs. Anyways, good luck on your presentation! 

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