What to Do On a Day Off

By: Leila Rocha

Not much. Well that would be your response if you have an overwhelmingly boring personality. Idiot. But for those who take advantage of life’s opportunity, our schedule may be a little more full. Key word there is “may”, because in reality, on a true day off you do absolutely nothing. Therefore, we are all boring, uncreative, and uncultured people. 

Kidding! Oh you’re so overly sensitive! Anyways let’s get into what you really should do on your day off. My first suggestion would be to make new friends because the ones you have right now are trash. But you think otherwise but now it’s time to realize this because it’s your day off! May I suggest an article on how to make new friends? Click here.

Another activity you may want to consider is to take a vacation. The beach would be a nice getaway. The ocean is as blue as the sky. The sand is grainy like whole grain wheat bread, and the sun shines like a diamond and burns your arms. What a great day that would be!

If it’s winter you should think about skiing, sledding, or snowboarding. If you live in California, the Sierra Nevada Mountains would offer all these options and a view of Lake Tahoe! These winter sports are great unless you’re a clumsy idiot; then you may want to stick to watching the kids run up and down the mountain without you. 

Another activity you could occupy yourself with is spending time with your family. They won’t be around forever you know. It would be a great time to make memories and argue with your least favorite cousin. But despite your never ending arguing, family is family, and you have to love them no matter what.

Well there you have it folks! Now you know what to do on a day off of your unproductive, self-centered life!

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