Former President Faces More Investigations

By: Kyla Mitchell

The House committee is in a struggle with former President Donald Trump’s lawyers to release records to the congressional committee. These records are to aid the investigation on the Capitol attack on January 6th when Trump lost to the current president Biden. Trump is also being swamped with other investigations like sexual assault and criminal charges that could make an appearance in the media in these next upcoming weeks and into the new year. 

Other than the Capitol riot, Trump is being investigated for criminal charges in New York and in Georgia according to AP News. These criminal charges are cases of sexual assault claims and a tussle over an inheritance. The question of whether he should be personally held accountable for the Capitol is not yet decided. 

Trump has waved over the investigations, he believes that he is being targeted and the allegations are just a political motivation “witch hunt.” He claims the political motivation came from the Russian interference during the 2016 election when he was elected president. 

Now that he is no longer president, Trump now does not have the protections that allowed him to swerve legal repercussions while serving in office. He is the first former president to have ever had any charges against them; these charges can affect his businesses and any future political affairs especially since he is rumored to be running for the 2024 election. 

The Manhattan and New York district attorneys are digging into various situations where the Trump organization supplied government officials and vendors with different valuations of its properties. INSIDER states that the attorneys are focused on four of his properties, one being an office building, a golf club in California, an estate, and another golf club in New York. 

Georgia is investigating several possible attempts to interfere with the administration of the 2020 election. According to AP News, evidence included in the investigation includes a phone call of the second of January where Trump told Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger, repeatedly, that Raffensperger had the ability to change the certified results of the Presidential election. State prosecutors have the ability to charge Trump for interference.

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