Destiny 2 Celebrates the Holidays with The Dawning

By: Elliott Garske

It’s that time of year again, for Guardians everywhere to bake cookies en masse and delightfully give them out to their favorite characters in return for everyone’s favorite holiday-themed weapons. The Dawning has returned.

The Dawning is Destiny 2’s annual holiday event, where players now earn ingredients for defeating certain enemy types in certain ways, which can be used to bake cookies of many varieties and flavors. What do you do with those cookies? You give them all away of course. Giving certain cookies to certain characters gives tons of special holiday rewards including a newly reissued version of the Zephyr sword from 2017, now with some new perks to chase, The Glaciochasm fusion rifle from last year, and the Cold Front smg and Avalanche lmg from 2019 and 2020.

While the event doesn’t necessarily add too much in the way of activities, The Tower does get a nice winter-themed makeover and you can throw snowballs at your foes. There are now stasis effects and upgrades to freeze nearby enemies, as well as start the effects of players who happen to be using stasis at the same time. Also new is a set of two quests where you help spread the Dawning spirit to the Cabal and Eliksni groups that have recently become allies over the course of the year.

New to not just the Dawning but to all players in general, you can also now get 700 Bright Dust every week until February 22, 2021, when The Witch Queen expansion releases. For those who are looking forward to some of the bright dust offerings and are running low, you now have the opportunity to get back some.

Speaking of the Eververse. It also has a nice festive refresh with offerings including an armor set for all classes, an extremely bright sparrow adorned from exhaust to steering wheel with lights, and plenty of festive emotes and ornaments for exotic armor and weapons.

The Dawning goes for 3 weeks from Tuesday, December 14 to Tuesday, January 4, so get in as many cookies as you can.

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