Escape From Tarkov’s 12.12 Update Brings Huge Changes To The Game

By: Lucas Garske

On December 12, 2021, hardcore survival game Escape From Tarkov released update 12.12; adding a new map to the game along with many new items and a complete revamp of the movement system. The ability to speak with other players through VOIP, or voice over internet protocol was added as well, and all players’ progress was reset with the new update.

The new map added to the game, named ‘Lighthouse’, takes place in the coastal region of Tarkov, with several points of interest including a water processing plant, several villas on the mountains, and of course a lighthouse. The last time an entirely new map was added was one year ago, so players are very excited to be exploring the new area.

Several new items have also been added, such as the SCAR L and the USP .45 along with many more items like a new type of wire cutters and a new kind of wrench. VOIP has also been added, which is a system that allows players to speak to each other in-game. Overall, players have been calling this the biggest update to the game yet, and many players have been enjoying the new changes so far.

Inertia was also implemented into the game, effectively revamping the movement system. Players with large amounts of gear on will have to gain momentum before reaching a fast sprinting speed, and many techniques players used to traverse the map have been rendered obsolete because of Inertia. The gameplay of Tarkov has slowed down tremendously due to Inertia, and opinions of the system are very mixed.

Escape From Tarkov is a hardcore fps game, taking place in the fictional region of Norvinsk, Russia. Players join ‘raids’ in which they fight with other players and NPC enemies in order to survive and escape. Dying in such ‘raids’ results in all items being lost that the player used or found during the raid.

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