Quick Last Minute Study Tips

By: Stanley Bui

It’s never too late to cram in information that you need for a test or an exam. There are multiple ways to gather information and to keep up with your classmates before the day of the exams/test. Many students tend to procrastinate and keep ignoring their work until the day of the final. Here are some last minute tips and tricks to study before the day of the test.

One way is to use practice tests and study off of those. Practice tests are the most useful tool to help get you to a good grade on the test. These practice tests are usually very similar to the actual test. Making sure you can complete the practice test alone can help you understand more to get the A that you want.

Another way to study is repetitive questions to answer and keep practicing the things you need to study. By answering more questions that you need more practice on, you are able to understand the problem better and get the questions you are stuck on. For example, doing a problem in math that seems way too complicated to do. As long as you keep taking steps to figure the equation out, you will be able to answer a variety of questions.

Lastly, one more way to learn quickly is to make sure you get the sleep that you need. If you overdo your studying and practicing you probably won’t have enough sleep. If you get no sleep, it will be very hard to think properly on the day of the final. You would be so tired that you might as well stay at home. Make sure you get enough sleep before the day of the exam because you might overdo your studying to the point where you cant even learn anything while losing more time to sleep. 

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