Waffles vs. Pancakes

By: Miles McDavitt

Waffles VS Pancakes

Today I am here to answer the age-old question, ”Which is better, pancakes or waffles?” You would have to be a fool to not take this question seriously. 

When asking this question, there is a century’s worth of reasoning behind either side, so please don’t take it lightly.

The Case for Pancakes

There are a few clear cut advantages pancakes have over a traditional waffle. First off, they offer a fluffy, soft, airy texture that no traditional waffle could possibly offer. 

Second, pancakes are more versatile than you might imagine. You could opt for a pancake covered with butter and syrup, berries, or even ice cream, peanut butter, and much more.

Another advantage pancakes have over waffles is the short stack. Not sure why it’s called a short stack because it is definitely not short, but that’s besides the point. Sure, you could stack waffles just like you stack pancakes, but should you really? 

There is no way a short stack of waffles could offer the same fluffy stacked goodness pancakes do.

The Case for Waffles

While pancakes are fluffy, soft, and airy, waffles have crispy, golden-brown edges and chewy centers. 

Waffles are incredibly versatile. You could opt for some butter and maple syrup to go classic, or you could go for something more complicated like putting some berries on top. 

Say you were feeling savory? How about chicken and waffles. This is perhaps waffles biggest advantage over pancakes, because more options means you can eat waffles whenever you want.

Sure, technically, you could have chicken and pancakes if you wanted to, but the real question is, “should you?” It’s like ordering a short stack of waffles. It just doesn’t work. The same goes for ordering chicken and pancakes.

And finally we have the belgian waffle. A fluffy, soft, airy, yummy delight. It can do everything a pancake does, but better. 

So, which is better?

Ultimately, using deductive reasoning, it’s much too obvious that the versatility of waffles gives them the edge here. To reiterate, the Belgian waffle can do anything a pancake does, but better. Furthermore, chicken and waffles is such a blatant advantage waffles have over pancakes, it’s almost unfair.

In the end I could leave you with a sweet message about how it’s a preference, and I respect your opinion, but no. If you like pancakes more, you are wrong. That’s all folks!

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