Insane Endings to this Weekend’s NFL Playoff Games

By: Adrian Jacobs

We are in the second week of the NFL Playoffs and it has been a crazy journey. From last-second field goals to insane catches in the endzone, fans were mind blown with the way the games ended.

This weekend’s NFL Playoff games were WILD! And I mean WILD! Almost every single one of the 4 games came down to the last final seconds where a team would win through a clutch field goal. It was pure madness. 

To start Saturday off, Cincinnati Bengals vs. Tennessee Titans was a game to watch. Titans being the one seed in the AFC Division were -3.5 point favorites to win the game, but Bengals Joe Burrow didn’t care. The quarterback and team upset the expected winners with a close 19-16 score. Rookie, Evan McPherson, launched a 52-yard field goal as time expired to win it for the Bengals. 

This is Cincinnati’s first time making it to the AFC championship since 1988. When interviewed Joe Burrow said, “We’re here to make some noise, and teams are going to have to pay attention to us,” Maybe, just maybe, these youngsters are better than we thought. 

Only amplifying the craziness was the 49ers vs. Packers game. The playoff was held in Green Bay at Lambeau Field and conditions were freezing, reaching sub-zero temperatures. As the game got closer to the end, it even started to snow! After an early touchdown made by the Packers in the first quarter, neither team could get points until the last quarter, when mayhem broke loose. 

In addition to a blocked field goal, 49ers special teams blocked an attempted punt and even got a touchdown off of it, raising Niner’s spirits after being cold on points the entire game. The game was tied with minutes remaining. Aaron Rodgers and the Packers were given a chance to score some points, but the Niners were fired up.

In the end, the defense shut down Green Bay, and Jimmy Garrapolo, the 49ers quarterback, brought the team into field goal range. Exactly like the Bengals win, the old and trusted 49ers’ kicker sent a 45-yard game-winner with time running out. This was their first lead the whole game, and man was the team hyped.

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