White House Sends Out Free Covid Tests

By: Leila Rocha

Finally! The long awaited at-home COVID tests are available. Biden promised to provide at home 500 million COVID-19 tests. Unfortunately, the tests were not available during the holidays when people were constantly gathering with family and friends from outside their households.

The director of public affairs for rapid diagnostics John Koval reported, “We’re seeing unprecedented demand. And we’re sending them out as fast as we can make them. Despite public health guidance over the summer that caused the market for rapid testing to plummet, we never stopped making tests.” 

Ordering these tests is supposedly a simple task. The government has a website where people who wish to receive the tests can order them. The tests are expected to ship later this month so be prepared to wait a little bit for them to arrive.

Having these at home COVID-19 tests is convenient when you want to test, but you don’t want to wait in line at a testing site. Also, from personal experience, taking the COVID-19 at home test is easy, and the nose swab doesn’t hurt. After taking a swab of the nose with the tool provided, put the swab in the testing solution. Finally, put the solution in the actual test and wait fifteen minutes to see your result.

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