Percy Jackson Is Getting A Show

By: Gwendolyne Chambers

Percy Jackson is a book series that many read as a kid or even as an adult. It’s a beloved book series that got two movies, one in 2010 and one in 2013 that upset fans due to the extreme changes of the plot that even the author, Rick Riordan, said he disliked. It has now been announced there will be a live action Percy Jackson series on Disney+. Oh boy. 

The Percy Jackson series follows Percy, the son of Poseidon, on many adventures with his friend Grover, Annabeth, and many more he meets on the way. The show is said to be live action, however, this is a poor idea. While the movies executed the effects well, Percy is supposed to be a twelve year old in the start of the first book and the first series follows him up to the age of 16. 

Child actors in television while working on the show also need to maintain good grades (depending on the contract) and work the countless hours on the show they’re working on. That’s only if they cast child actors for the Percy Jackson show or if they age him up. However, in world lore this would also make no sense unless they decide to change that as well. 

Animation is the best course of action for what we can only hope is not a mockery of something many people love. All that can be done now is hope it’s good and watch, whether in horror or amazement, Percy Jackson is becoming a show.

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