Adama Traore Scares the World of Fútbol with his Incredible Debut for F.C Barcelona

By: Adrian Jacobs

Back in 2013, fútbol player, Adama Traore, made his debut for professional fútbol with F.C Barcelona. The young star had been in the academy system at F.C Barcelona all the way up from 2003 and was unstoppable. After scoring many goals and displaying his potential to the world, Traore was noticed by clubs around the world as one of the best attacking wingers and landed a position at Wolves, a great professional team in the Premier League. 

Flash to 2022, Traore returned home, making his second debut for F.C Barcelona! 6 and a half years later, he is still tearing up the field. 

In his first game back against Atlético Madrid, Traore played a key role in the 4-2 victory. Not only was he involved with the great first goal made by Jordi Alba, he even sent a beautiful assist over to Gavi to go up 2-1 in the first half. Traore had a 40% success rate in all of his dribbles and the coach was highly impressed with the performance he made in his 61 minutes.

The following day, Traore was surprised with a $29 million permanent Barcelona transfer after his amazing debut. This means he was offered this sum of money to stay permanently on F.C Barcelona, something he would largely take into consideration. 

Lage, Adama Traore’s former coach at Wolves, had some kind words for the 26-year old after his debut: “I believe Adama has everything to have success in his hometown and at his old club. I wish him all the best because every time he was a good professional. Adama started very well the season and he should score three or four goals. In between he had some games when he did not so well. But from the first day until the last day he worked very hard and he was very professional.” 

F.C Barcelona is now looking scary to the world of fútbol with several new recruits including Ferran Torres, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, and Memphis Depay, all known to be vital players for teams.

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