Juan Toscano-Anderson Nominated to Dunk Contest for NBA All-Star Weekend

By: Adrian Jacobs

Warriors forward, Juan Toscano-Anderson (JTA), has just been nominated to be one of four NBA players to participate in this year’s dunk contest. JTA had been a prominent figure in the Warriors’ success this season with the second best record in the Western Conference. 

Although he is known as an incredible defender, JTA is better known for his breath-taking dunks against players bigger than him. In fact, many believe the reason behind his nomination for the dunk contest was because of his arguable highlight of the season when he posterized Phoenix Suns center JaVale McGee on December 3rd. Rumor has it that he even got McGee to sign a poster of the dunk a few weeks later. Link to the video is below.

JTA becomes just the fifth Warriors player to suit up in a dunk contest giving Warriors fans another person to root for during the All-Star Weekend, as Stephen Curry and Andrew Wiggins were already nominated to the All-Stars teams. JTA has 20 dunks for the season already and will display his dunk creativity in front of millions on February 19th. 

According to the latest episode of The Draymond Green Show, Draymond Green, another Golden State player, was the one who encouraged JTA to pursue the dunk contest. ‘“Speaking of All-Star weekend, we have my boy Juan T, Juan Toscano-Anderson in the dunk contest,” Green said. “It’s funny because a couple days ago he was like ‘yo, should I do the dunk contest?’ and I was like ‘they’ll let you do it?’ and he’s like ‘yeah I think I want to do it.’ And I was like ‘you would be a fool not to do it because the stage doesn’t get bigger than that.’ The only way that the stage gets bigger than that is the NBA Finals and there is no guarantee you’ll ever play in the NBA Finals. Why not? Everybody’s watching All-Star weekend, everybody’s watching you.”

Draymond Green insisted that JTA put on a show in the dunk contest as it might be very beneficial because people will remember the winner, and never the losers. JTA really has nothing to lose.

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