McDonalds Is Back With Its Seasonal Drink: The Shamrock Shake

By: Stanley Bui

In March of 1970, McDonalds released a limited edition drink that was created for St.Patrick’s day. This bright lime green colored shake originated in Connecticut, and now is back with a variant called the Shamrock Mcflurry. They first created this drink back in February when they used vanilla, a mix of food coloring, and lime sorbet. This was then announced to be a seasonal drink for everyone around the world. It is also the perfect time for everyone to try out something new at McDonalds. 

When creating the Shamrock Shake, they had to create something that was different than all of the other shakes. McDonalds proceeded to have a different color drink that looks very appealing to the eye. The lime sorbet was probably the hardest part of the drink. People might think they would just add green food coloring but there is actually more to it. The ingredients for the lime syrup are 5 yellow and 1 blue artificial food dye. All together, one Shamrock Shake would have 460 calories, 13 grams of fat, and 74 grams of carbs. Even a small sized shake has 63 grams of sugar which is equivalent to 16 packets of sugar. 

The Shamrock Shake might not be the go to for everyone, but it is worth just trying the drink. The drink is so enjoyed by many people all over the world, that you won’t even see an ad online about it because it is just that popular! You can definitely make this at home because of how easy it is to make the drink. The drink can also be healthier by making it on your own and not including some of the things McDonalds is adding into the drink itself. Again, this drink may not be healthy, but it will fulfill that big burst of flavor that people crave.

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