A NATO Official Thinks The Russia-Ukraine War Will End In A Stalemate

By: Tara Thompson


Recently, a senior NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) intelligence official said that Ukraine forces are preventing Russia from making progress but Putin is showing no willingness to back down. “The reality is that neither side has a superiority over the other. Neither side will back down,” he said. “If we’re not in a stalemate, we are rapidly approaching one.”

As President Joe Biden and world leaders prepare for a major NATO summit on Thursday March 24th, a close ally to Russia, Belarus, may soon be attacking Ukraine and is preparing to potentially let Russia hide nuclear weapons on Belarusian soil. They have already allowed Russia’s military use of its territory to invade Ukraine so it’s highly possible.

Russian forces have also shifted to using less discrete weapons that cause more significant damage with little to no ability to avoid civilian casualties. 

It remains unclear to NATO whether Vladimer Putin intends to pursue a “maximalist” strategy to capture Ukraine, said the official. But it has been asserted that Russia had clearly expanded its number of targets in recent days as they have started hitting sites in Western Ukraine that had not been previously attacked. 

“So what happens when you have these two forces then grinding on each other in this way? The loss of life and damage is going to be quite severe. Neither side can win here,” he said. “Neither side will capitulate.” As we can conclude from this information the war will either get a lot worse or will stay the same and eventually enter a stalemate, even if neither side knows it. 

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