The Selection of March Madness

By: Stanley Bui

Every year college basketball teams face off in a tournament during March. We call this March Madness. This annual event consists of 64 best college basketball teams that are qualified to compete in basketball matches that will be playing in brackets. While March Madness starts, fans are able to bet for which teams that they think will win most of their games in the tournament to earn money.

 Selection Sunday 2022,and took place on Sunday March 13th, and is very big every year with the amount of fans and college teams that are playing. As of March 17th, the first round of the matches against the West, East, South, and Midwest were all finished and have moved onto the second round. The teams that made the second round as of right now, are Gonzaga vs. Memphis, New Mexico State vs. Arkansas, Baylor vs. North Carolina, Saint Mary’s vs. UCLA, Murray State vs, Saint Peter’s, Michigan vs. Tennessee, Kansas vs Creighton, and Richmond vs Providence. All of these colleges are facing each other right now in the second bracket.

Many people can predict who will win the seeds before the event and see who will win with the upcoming dates that are being released. The match dates for the rounds are 1st round March 17th-18th, second round March 19th-20th, Sweet 16 is March 24th-25th, Elite eight is March 26th-27th, Final four is April 2nd, and Championship game is on April 4th.

These dates will surely keep everyone on their toes, hoping for their college team to win March Madness 2022.

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