New York Times’ Guest Essays

By: Tara Thompson

That time of year has come again where the New York Times is offering to publish fellow writers’ work. They are requesting Opinion essays to get out into the world, usually publishing around 2,000 guest essays every year. Written essays usually run from 800-1,200 words, though they sometimes publish a few essays that are shorter or longer. Having said that,you don’t have to stress about word count, you’ll have a chance to get in no matter what, so you can just focus on writing. 

They welcome ideas for submissions in any medium, including audio, video, illustration, or data visualization. When submitting your work (which you can do here) make sure to explain the professional or personal background behind your writing. All published essays are edited and fact-checked so it is important to include any sources you use. 

A staff member will read and review every submission, however, due to the large amount they receive, they may not be able to respond to everyone individually. Sadly they have to reject many essays and ideas. If you don’t hear from them within three business days, you can feel confident in taking your work elsewhere. 

I myself have submitted an essay of my own, so I encourage you to do so too. There’s no harm in trying and who knows, you might be surprised. So have fun and good luck!

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