Upcoming Classes In Lost Ark That Will Be Announced In 2022

By: Stanley Bui


Lost Ark is an MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) game that is meant for hours of grinding and exploring the world in the game. The game currently has 15 classes with their own special abilities. The creators of this well known game are announcing that new classes/builds will be playable for North America later in 2022. The new characters are currently out of Korea, which means that they have access to more content and extra items than in America. 

There are eight new classes that are going to be released in 2022. One of the classes is the “Destroyer”. He is in the warrior build and wields a big hammer and an arcanist. The second class would be Arcanist, also known as “Arcana”. This class is a mage class with unique abilities via a deck of cards. Each card has a certain effect such as increases in magic damage or setting up traps. Another class would be the female berserker which is just a female that carries a big sword and swings it around to deal damage to her enemies. 

Specialist and Summoner are in the same class but with different abilities. With Specialist, she is able to manipulate weather in a fashionable way, while Summoner can summon allies to help her in battle. One of the classes is called lance master, which is a female character that holds a huge lance or holds it in a spear style to pierce through her enemies. Reaper is one of the new classes that will be hard to master because he utilizes poison. Lastly, would be scouter, he uses high tech weapons to blast his enemies turning them into a piece of crumb.

These classes help out the entire game because of their unique abilities plus more content in the game. Players all over the world are trying them out in Korea to see if they can fit in with teamwork and fighting bosses in parties with their friends.

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