New MMO Game Gains Attention On Twitch

By: Stanley Bui

The new MMO (Massively Multiplayer Game) game comes out with a bang called Lost Ark. This game is about choosing a class and being able to use it to your skill level. It also requires you to have lots of teamwork, hours to play, and be able to be versatile with different mechanics of the game. Lost ark offers five builds to create your class. The builds contain a Warrior, Martial Artists, Mage, Gunner, and an Assassin. By choosing one of these five classes, the player is available to different characters that have different kinds of stats and abilities.

Once the player chooses the class they feel comfortable with, that is when they can lock in and explore the world with their character and do quests and missions. As of late February, Lost Ark had about 1 million concurrent players according to steam. Lost Ark first started blowing up when a well known MMO twitch streamer named Asmongold started playing the game. Not only did Asmongold influence regular players to join the game and play it but he also got a world famous twitch streamer named Shroud to play the game and showcase it to thousands of people around the world.

Since the game is still relatively new, players that play the game see the future of the game and can see how much the game is going to grow and become very popular. New classes are being created and more missions and boss fights are getting more and more entertaining while the story of this MMO progresses. From the combat, story, missions, and world exploration, players are very satisfied with the overall game and happy with how popular this game is getting.

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